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“When I needed help with some behavioral modification thru hypnosis, I found that this was something she was absolutely into… and I might add… very good at! I have been very pleased with how effective hypnosis therapy has been for me and I would encourage any of you to turn to it as a way of modifying behaviors or healing! I am very impressed with her knowledge and abilities…

Jim Rodgers Chatsworth, Ca. Entertainment Industry/ Writer

“Gail is a high-spirited enthusiastic lady with a marvelous inspirational gift. Her smile, laughter, and sense of humor can light up a room. Nonetheless, she’s organized, goal-oriented, and can easily spearhead a new project. As well as being an inspirational driving force, she can collectively establish a vision and personally affect the implementation of that vision ”

Adrian Gould Seagypsy Ventura Ca Author and Metaphysical Counselor

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